Ancient Grain Pastas

Our pastas aren’t your average pastas. They deliver an authentic al dente texture, delicious flavors and unique, quality ingredients. From one-ingredient legume noodles to a special blend of whole grain brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and corn flours, these gluten-free and organic pastas may just become a staple in your pantry. 

packaging - Organic Just Green Pea Fusilli

Organic Just Green Pea Fusilli

Just green peas. That’s it. Transformed into delicious pasta and imported directly from Italy. Add these noodles to your favorite dishes and you’re adding protein, fiber and flavor, too.

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Organic Elbows

From soups to macaroni and cheese, our elbow pasta pairs whole grain with a familiar flavor and texture to incorporate into comfort food dishes.

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packaging - Organic Elbows
packaging - Organic Fusilli

Organic Fusilli

The spiral shape of Fusilli is ideal for hearty sauces, soups and salads. It’s ready to be your go-to pasta for a variety of dishes.

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Organic Penne

Chunkier sauces pair perfectly with the round, hollow shape of penne. Choose this versatile pasta to ensure that a burst of complementary flavors are part of every bite.

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packaging - Organic Penne
packaging - Organic Spaghetti

Organic Spaghetti

The wisdom of ancient grains transforms spaghetti classics into this gluten-free and organic favorite.

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Organic Just Red Lentil Sedanini

The power of red lentils, transformed into pasta, provides protein and fiber in every noodle-y bite. And, with scored ridges on each noodle, your dish’s flavors will be enhanced as much as its nutrition. 

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packaging - Organic Just Red Lentil Sedanini

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