Some dishes are defined by more than flavor. Color, texture, balance—these are the qualities that make TruRoots Blends the perfect complement to any meal.

packaging - Organic Sprouted Quinoa Blend

Organic Sprouted Quinoa Blend

This vibrant tri-colored quinoa blend is a simple way to brighten meals like chili, soup, tabouli and even cereal.

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Organic Sprouted Quinoa & Ancient Grain Blend

Newer ancient grains take on a contemporary flavor when sprouted white quinoa, millet, sprouted red quinoa and buckwheat are brought into the mix. Add this medley to banana nut breakfast cereal to see how delicious this combination can be—morning, noon or night.

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packaging - Organic Sprouted Quinoa & Ancient Grain Blend
packaging - Organic Sprouted Bean & Lentil Blend

Organic Sprouted Bean & Lentil Blend

Sprouted mung beans, sprouted green lentils and sprouted adzuki beans bring eclectic flavor to multiple meals. Try this combination with rice, barley and other side dishes or consider wrapping it in a tortilla with salsa and avocado.

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Organic Sprouted Lentil Blend

With lentils featured prominently in cuisine from myriad cultures, this trio enlivens recipes and is even bold enough to stand on its own.

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packaging - Organic Sprouted Lentil Blend
packaging - Organic Rice & Quinoa Blend

Organic Rice & Quinoa Blend

An inviting assortment of brown rice, red rice and white quinoa is right at home alongside scarified wild rice. Together, they’re ideal for breathing new life into a favorite dressing or bringing added flavor to a pita pocket.

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Organic Rice Blend

This rice trio brings nutty flavors and distinct textures to salads, pilafs, paellas and more.

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packaging - Organic Rice Blend

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