Our Roots run deep.

A commitment to making ancient grains accessible to everyone is reflected in the wide variety of certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project® Verified and gluten free products we offer. Each product line is an invitation to experience flavors inspired by ancient cultures and timeless wisdom.

truRoots® Originals

This broad assortment of organic, sprouted and unsprouted grains, beans and seeds recalls time-honored harvesting practices. Incorporate them into any recipe and explore the culinary possibilities.

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truRoots Accents® Blends

These exclusive and enticing combinations of sprouted grain, bean and rice trios can turn any meal into a mosaic of color, texture and flavor.

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truRoots® Ancient Grain Pastas

These new-age pastas use old world ingredients to put a spin on classic dishes. From legumes to ancient grains, these noodles are distinct, organic, and deliciously gluten-free.

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truRoots® Sprouted Medleys

We refer to them as “medleys.” But in your kitchen, these flavorful combinations might soon be called classics, favorites and, perhaps, even staples.

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