Sprouting & Pre-washing

Sprouting is a process and an age-old tradition that dates back to over 5,000 years ago.

The TruRoots® Way

At TrūRoots, we were among the first to introduce modern families to sprouted ancient grains and legumes in a convenient, shelf stable package.

Our grains and legumes are grown in regions around the world and are washed and packed before being sent to the U.S. where they are rewashed.

We then use an optimized process, with water, light and air to sprout the grains, beans and legumes. and seeds. Sprouting breaks down the seed’s protective coating and helps to unlock its nutrients.



TrūRoots quinoa arrives pre-washed to our facility in Chico, CA.  Our sprouted quinoa is rewashed to deliver the highest quality products.

A Message to Our TruRoots Family about the Coronavirus.

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