A fresh start indeed.

Every TruRoots® product is made from authentic ingredients. And while ancient wisdom isn't listed on the label, it still goes into everything we make.


Ancient wisdom fits seamlessly into the modern kitchen with TrūRoots sprouted grains, beans and seeds.

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Organic & Sustainable Farming

Healthy food comes from a healthy system - land that is nurtured, people who are cared for, and a process that respects everyone involved.

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Farm Sources

Forging a connection between healthy meals and healthy land is and always will be a mission for TrūRoots. The brand is committed to providing the highest quality, authentic and organic grains, beans and seeds while maintaining personal ties with farmers, producers and customers around the world.

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Food Certifications

Proper food certifications are fundamental to the TrūRoots philosophy. It's why the brand offers products that are Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project® Verified.

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A Message to Our TruRoots Family about the Coronavirus.

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