Ancient wisdom is
always an ingredient.

Infinitely versatile, TrūRoots® products are made with ancient grains, beans or seeds to add color and earthy flavor to your everyday meals.

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border featured ingredient Organic Sprouted Green Lentil Sprouted?
What does that mean?

The fundamentals of sprouting.

Sprouting is an age old tradition dating back over 5,000 years. TrūRoots uses a proprietary sprouting process to break down the protective coating on beans, grains and seeds. It helps unlock nutrients and creates innovative, shelf-stable products.

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Following food to its source.

TrūRoots was founded on the idea that our connections to the sources of our foods are important. Today, the truRoots team maintains strong relationships with farmers from around the world to source only the highest quality grains, beans and seeds - all of which are harvested using certified organic standards and time-honored traditions.

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A Message to Our TruRoots Family about the Coronavirus.

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