truRoots® Pilafs

In its simplest form, pilaf is rice cooked in broth. But at truRoots® this time-honored dish is an opportunity to bring together spices, grains and ingredients from around the globe.

packaging - Mediterranean Vegetable Pilaf

Mediterranean Vegetable Pilaf

When the right ingredients come together, a meal becomes a journey. Explore Mediterranean flavors of red pepper, orange, garlic and herbs in this quinoa, brown rice, and sprouted lentil pilaf.

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Savory Herb Pilaf

Sprouted lentils are only the beginning. This festive pilaf is highlighted by a balanced blend of sage, rosemary and other garden herbs with a hint of celery and onion.

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packaging - Savory Herb Pilaf
packaging - New World Blend Pilaf

New World Blend Pilaf

This pilaf blend combines sprouted quinoa, germinated brown rice, red quinoa and wild rice with authentic flavors and unexpected ingredients such as chipotle, sweet raisins and cinnamon.

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Roasted Garlic Pilaf

Slow cooked garlic and subtle herbs take center stage in this savory pilaf. Brown rice, quinoa, and sprouted lentils provide texture to balance the dish.

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packaging - Roasted Garlic Pilaf
packaging - Curry Rice Pilaf

Curry Rice Pilaf

Indian cuisine is a celebration of flavor. And this pilaf is a perfect match for a wide variety of sides and uncommon ingredients—from raisins, cucumber and mint to yogurt and fried onions.

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Spanish Spice Pilaf

Bold flavor is a hallmark of Spanish cuisine. Naturally, it’s also what makes this pilaf distinct. Here, brown rice, quinoa and sprouted lentil pilaf are accented by tomato, paprika, garlic and traditional herbs and spices.

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packaging - Spanish Spice Pilaf